Country Living

Create a beautiful, relaxed table filled with texture for your event. Using wood, hessian, fresh fruits and flowers, this table was designed for a family reunion with sharing in mind. The use of wider tables allows for platters and centerpieces without feeling overcrowded.

Style it your own way

Nothing is better than a table set with things you love. An old plank of timber recycled from a shed created the center of our table and we chose flowers to match our colour scheme.  We made our little hessian bags, but you could purchase them or let your imagination go. Maybe fill them with a little take home gift! Tiny Corella pears with shipping tags were great for place settings. Small apples, figs and mangosteens have also worked beautifully.

What you need from us…

Banquet tables (seats 12)
White folding chairs                       
Square dinner plates
Atlantis cutlery   
White banquet cloth
Country vases 
Linen serviettes